Voting Guide for Incarcerated DC Residents

In 2020, DC passed the Restore the Vote Act, which allows individuals who were DC residents prior to incarceration the right to vote while incarcerated regardless of where they are currently held. Information about how DC residents can register to vote and upcoming deadlines can be found in the handouts below. In order for a DC resident to vote in the November 2022 election, the DC Board of Elections must receive their registration form by October 18, 2022.

On behalf of several organizations within the DC Restore the Vote Coalition, we ask that you share this information in mailings you send to incarcerated District residents this week. The attachments are as follows:

  1. Voting Rights Handout (with logos)
  2. Voting Rights Handout (without logos – We heard that some BOP facilities are rejecting handouts with logos)
  3. Sample Voter Registration Form
  4. Voter Registration Form (BOP) – Please use this form for DC residents inside the BOP.
  5. Voter Registration Form (Outside BOP) – If you plan to send this mailing to a District resident outside of the BOP, please use this form.

The Restore the Vote Coalition formed several years ago to push for restoration of voting rights for incarcerated District residents. Since the law passed, the Coalition has worked to ensure that individuals have the ability and information needed to exercise that right.


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