Immigration Justice

Working on Behalf of Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

Immigrant communities are some of the most vulnerable populations in the Washington, DC area. Newcomers and non-English speakers are often unaware of their rights and protections under U.S. law—or are afraid to exercise those rights due to the threat of being fired or reported to immigration authorities.

The Committee partners with community-based organizations to educate immigrants about their rights. We also represent hundreds of immigrants facing discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, medical care and government services; sexual assault or abuse by employers; and loan mortgage modification scams.

In addition to working directly with immigrant communities, we investigate problems of discrimination and marginalization faced by immigrant communities in the DC area and propose workable policy solutions to those challenges.

Case Study
Language Access is a Civil Right

The DC Department of Human Services (DHS) repeatedly failed to provide language access services to DC residents, violating the civil rights of individual residents and harming the overall health of the community.

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