ALERT: Education for Incarcerated Youth & Holding the Proud Boys Accountable

District Government Sued For Not Providing Education to Incarcerated Young People With Disabilities

Together with the School Justice Project, and Terris Pravlik & Millian LLP, we filed suit on behalf of two incarcerated students with disabilities and a putative class against the District of Columbia for its failure to provide special education instruction and services during the pandemic. For the approximately 44 students enrolled in DCPS at the DC Jail, all of whom have disabilities and special education needs, DCPS has provided only worksheets since March 2020. 

Proud Boys Held Accountable for their Racist Attack on Historic Black Church in D.C.

The Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church achieved a significant victory in an initial phase of its lawsuit against the Proud Boys and their leader Enrique Tarrio, after a default ruling declaring that Proud Boys International, LLC forfeited the case. The default ruling is not the end of the plaintiff’s efforts, but a significant step toward holding the Proud Boys accountable. If you have info about the identities of the individuals in this video (Caution: Video contains strong language), please contact us.

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