PILOTONLINE.COM: At Fluvanna Correctional Center For Women, horror story after horror story in medical care

This article describes the background and political context of our ongoing work to address the medical care at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. Since the finalization of the settlement in February, WLC and the rest of the plaintiff’s counsel team have been involved in implementation and monitoring. In addition to continuing to negotiate the substance of policies concerning women with disabilities, we have been working with our expert to empower the monitor to address and try to improve the extent and quality of medical care with respect to the issues described in the article below. As the article mentions, the most recent report from the independent court-appointed monitor, which has yet to be finalized, is expected to describe continuing significant deficiencies in care. There will be more developments to report soon.

“I think the most horrifying thing to me was that this was the prison that Virginia designated as the place for women that were the sickest.”

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