The Committee Launches its Parent Empowerment Program Application

Our overall goal is to engage parents by way of empowerment. We believe a part of building equity in education begins when all voices are heard and progress is being made. Empowering parents to have a voice in their child’s education, and bring change to their school community, we believe, is a step towards closing the resource and opportunity gap; which will begin the process of closing the achievement gap.

We are thrilled to do another round this grant, and we hope you can help us support this endeavor. If you know a parent at a DCPS Title 1 school that would truly take advantage of this opportunity, please share. Linked here is a flyer and a description of the application; here is the link to the application. To make the application app friendly for parents, you can also share it on Facebook.

Spread the word! Tell others! And be a part of this great mission. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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