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Leave a Legacy of Justice

Planned gifts and bequests are great ways to make a lasting contribution to dismantling injustice and pursue lasting changes in our community.


Regardless of your age and financial situation, a will can provide for your family’s future and allow you to designate gifts to specific charities. Naming the Washington Lawyers’ Committee in your will is one of the easiest ways to support the Committee. Bequests may be in the form of a stated dollar amount, property, a percentage, or the residuary of an estate.

Life Insurance Policies

You may choose to name the Committee as a beneficiary of a current policy, either sole or partial, or donate a policy that you already own and name the Committee as the owner and beneficiary.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are amongst the most heavily taxed inherited assets. The Committee, as a tax-exempt entity, would not be required to pay state or federal income taxes on retirement assets received as a gift. The Committee can be named as the beneficiary of a portion or your entire retirement plan.


Please consult your attorney or tax advisor to learn more about how can support the Washington Lawyers’ Committee through planned giving.

Please contact Melissa Nussbaum at (202) 319-1000 x 155 or [email protected] for more information.

When you give, please let us know so we can thank you personally.