Public Education Advocates File Amicus Brief in Support of DC’s Motion to Dismiss School Funding Lawsuit that Attacks Home Rule

Washington, DC – Fourteen public education reform advocates and two long-standing public education reform organizations (the “Amici Curiae”) filed an Amicus Brief in support of the Washington, DC Attorney General’s Motion to Dismiss a lawsuit brought by the DC Association of Chartered Public Schools, Washington Latin PCS, and Eagle Academy PCS. The 14 Amici Curiae individuals and organizations from across the city came together out of mutual concern that the lawsuit, if successful, would deprive the District of Columbia of civic influence and local control of public education for District residents.

The lawsuit argues that the School Reform Act of 1995 which established charter schools in DC can only be changed by Congress. But the Amici Curiae agree with the Attorney General and his Motion to Dismiss, that the District clearly has authority to legislate in local matters that relate to how DC children are educated.

Counsel for the Amici are the Committee and three law firms that the Committee brought together to prepare the Amicus Brief:  Lewis Baach, PLLC;  Dickstein Shapiro, LLP; and Gilbert LLP.

To read the brief, click here. Follow the links below to view supporting documents:

Proposed Order

Motion for Leave to File the Amicus Brief


  1. DC FPI: 2015 DC Proposed Budget
  2. Focus: DC Charter history of Enrollment
  3. OSSE: SY 2013/14 Final Enrollment Audit
  4. Study FY 2013 PCS Fiscal Audit
  5. President’s Statement re: Home Rule Act
  6. CHARM Financial Statement and Dashboard 6/30 2012 and 2013
  7. OSSE: DC Student Mobility Study
  8. Report on Public School Enrollment Integrity Act of 2003
  9. May 15, 2014 Draft Report of the Committee on Education on the FY 2015 Budget
  10. May 28, 2014 Report on FY 2015 Budget Request Act of 2014
  11. FY 2014 DC Council Operating Budget Adjustments

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