ALERT: Suing Youngkin to Stop No Mask Mandate

ALERT: Virginia Parents of Students with Disabilities File Lawsuit to Stop Gov. Youngkin's No Mask Mandate

As one of his first acts, Virginia Governor signed an executive order barring schools from requiring that students wear a mask. This order came into effect January 24th, at a time when infection rates in are higher than ever, more than 8,000 school age children are infected every week and more than 50 are admitted to the hospital from COVID. The Governor’s order conflicts with the guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health guidance.

Today, parents of students whose disabilities make them vulnerable to COVID-19 filed suit against Governor Youngkin for effectively excluding their children from public schools. These students’ conditions include cancer, cystic fibrosis, moderate to severe asthma, Down syndrome, lung conditions, and weakened immune systems. These parents are fighting to put the health and education of their children and prioritize science over politics.

“The Governor’s Executive Order shows a reckless disregard for students with disabilities across the Virginia. The Executive Order prevents schools from taking reasonable steps to make sure their students can go to school and enjoy the same educational experiences as their friends.”
– Kaitlin Banner, Deputy Legal Director

We are proud to represent these students and parents together with Brown Goldstein & Levy, the ACLU of Virginia, the disAbility Law Center of Virginia, and Arnold & Porter.

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